Tag: friendly


  • Celios

    First encountered in [[Dead Feeds]]. One of the few surviving Actors during the first four day Adventure being marketed as "[[Return to Overworld]]". He was the first actor to go live.

  • Jerald Attrius

    The current Monastic Ambassador and Headmaster of the Old Town Monastery. He was first met in [[Grubbing Down]]. He's friendly to the party as their goals are the same; Riding Overworld of the Krr’x threat and finding out more about them.

  • Vetta

    First met in [[Paying the Toll]]. Owns the Zombie and Necromancy Shop at the corner of Artisan's Angle and Noble's Way. He's the brother of Sada and aided the party in her capture. He's friendly to the group since they aided him in killing his sister …

  • Lance Mazzeo

    First met in [[To the Streets]]. The owner of Carts, Barrels & Bows. He's building and managing the rickshaw business Trajanus financed and planned out. Last seen collecting an additional 18,000 for hiring and leasing a building in [[Paying the Toll]]. …