Tag: contact


  • Hound

    First encounter [[The Wayward Wolves]]. Chipped Diamond Ogrillo bouncer and Kierendal's contact man. Is friends with the party and may even alley with the party now and then.

  • Henry

    Owner of the River Rats bar in [[Hostages]]. Tracked down by Remy who tried to buy his device. When he refused to sell, Remmy led the Krr'x to his new business. He was tortured by them, then killed by Remmy in [[To the Streets]].

  • Shecore

    First encountered in [[To the Streets]]. An actor who was stranded on Overworld, known for her seductive adventures and dangerous close quarters fighting style. She was popular but never reached a live status. She currently runs a smuggling operation …

  • Bartholomew

    First encountered in [[Return to the Field]]. Leader of the Pit Vipers Gang recently defeated in hand to hand by Raithe in [[To the Streets]]. He now aid's Raithe leading the gang.

  • Vetta

    First met in [[Paying the Toll]]. Owns the Zombie and Necromancy Shop at the corner of Artisan's Angle and Noble's Way. He's the brother of Sada and aided the party in her capture. He's friendly to the group since they aided him in killing his sister …