Return to Overworld
Session 1

Introduction for the characters arriving in Overworld early in the morning. The Party was informed that their primary objective was to contact Actors stranded on Overworld. Three other parties plus theirs are now scouting for the remaining Actors in Overworld. They were provided a list of Actors to find and bring back.

The session ended with the party staying at an inn for the night.

Experience Points: 5
Bonus Experience Points: 0
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and John
Time Lapsed: 16 hours
Recall Countdown: 120 hours

The Hunt
Session 2

The party sets out the next day early in the morning to search for the stranded Actors on their list. Saul is introduced through their NPC contact, Jubb.

Large fight breaks out in the street, the party sets up a meeting with Roske at the bakery, and they escape to the Monastery.

Session ended with the group in the Monastery in the afternoon.

Experience Points: 5
Bonus Experience Points: 1 Oscar
Players Present: Oscar, Alex, Matt and John
Time Lapsed: 8 hours
Recall Countdown: 112 hours

The Wayward Wolves
Session 3

The party goes to a bar (The Chipped Diamond), attempting to recruit help for the upcoming meeting. They meet up with Roske at the appointed time at the Breaking Bread Bakery. A fight breaks out in the office leading to everyone unconscious and in the custody of the Emperor’s Guards somewhere in the Donjon.

Session ended with party waking up strapped to beds in a poorly lit cave.

Experience Points: 5
Bonus Experience Points: 0
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and John
Time Lapsed: 12 hours
Recall Countdown: 100 hours

Into the Kennel
Session 4

The party wakes in what they think is the Donjon secured to beds in the same room with Provis, Lilian, Festerman, Roske, the two thugs (Chris and Danny) and the Bar guy (Gregory).

Power Struggle
Session 5

Party checks in at Last Light Inn after deciding they might put Jubb in danger by accidentally leading Festerman to Golden Gate. They then set up a meeting with Kierendal.

Boat Run
Session 6

Party rendezvous with Mark to get them on the boat work crew. Party make it on board the boat with the 15 crates of riot guns, pay off the Imperial Inspector to pass through the chain gates, but are approached by two boats operated by Shecore’s people. They attempt to take the cargo, thinking that everyone will want to keep the Imperial Guards at bay by not attracting attention.

Session 7

The party goes quickly into River Rats and is rushed to the cellar where they are hidden in plain sight. Imperial Guards search the building and attempt to burn them out. The building is lost in the fire and the party escapes the remains after waiting for the fire to die down.

Dead Feeds
Session 8

The party finishes their preparations for their dead feed mission and the studio is attacked by Adventures Unlimited and make a good impression on Amanda and Eugene Lucrechus and met Celios. Party is transferred to Overworld, manages to quickly kidnap Festerman and bring him back for interrogation. They learn that Festerman was planted in Adventures Unlimited by Caine as a way to strike back at the studio and that Festerman has actually kidnapped Raithe’s brother, not Adventures Unlimited.

Relay Stations
Session 9

The party transfers to an abandoned relay station that appears to be owned by Adventures Unlimited. They find native creatures on the world as well as Raithe‘s brother being held hostage by Lilian. Remmy activates what appears to be some sort of beacon for the native creatures. Raithe’s brother is rescued and the party uses the tactical extraction device. Lilian is left behind just as the unknown creatures are storming the building.

The session ends with the party back on earth for some much needed R&R plus some VR training to prepare for their next Overworld Adventure.

Experience Points: 5
Bonus Experience Points: 1 Oscar, 1 Alex, 1 Matt and -2 John
Players Present: Oscar, Alex, Matt and John
Time Lapsed: 2 hours
Recall Countdown: 0 hours

Return to the Field
Session 10

Trajanus attempted to resurrect Festerman and asked Kierendal for the money. She paid for half but res was unsuccessful since he’d already been raised.


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