To the Streets

Session 11

Remyleads the Krr’x to Henry’s new business where they slaughtered all present and took the device. He discovered his Amplitude Match was fluctuating and changing. Techs informed him he needed to check in every few days to correct the fluctuation. Krr’x informed him they could fix it if he returned to their hive.

Trajanustracked down and confronted “Ted”. He cut off his hands, feet, penis, tongue and removed his eyes, then healed him and left him in the street in a coma.

Raithecut a deal with another gang leader (Tovon) to back up his move on the Snake Pit, fought the Pit Vipers Leader and won, then set up a meeting with the street leaders for negotiations.

Session ended with the party being pursued by 6 mounted Imperial Guards in the streets of Old Town after they recognized Raithe.

Experience Points: 3
Bonus Experience Points: 1 Oscar, 1 Alex, -1 John, -1 Oscar
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and John
Time Lapsed: 26 hours
Recall Countdown: 183 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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