Return to the Field

Session 10

Trajanus attempted to resurrect Festerman and asked Kierendal for the money. She paid for half but res was unsuccessful since he’d already been raised.

After three weeks training on Earth, the party transfers over and establishes contact with Shecore. She gives them a mission to find out where Festerman was getting his guns from. Scouting lead to a small village south of Old town and new mission was to find out where the deliveries were going to. Party intercepted and killed all but 1 delivery man.

Remy is confronted by unknown creatures who demand the device and give him 2 days to deliver. He circumvents violence by leading them to the only device he’s encountered on Overworld and watches over the location as the creatures slowly amass around it hiding in the dark.

Raithe goes to pick a fight in the Snake Pit and Trajanus joins the battle. They barely survive, allow the humans to live, and Raithe sets up a dual with the leader of the gang for sundown the next day.

The session ends with Raithe and Trajanus walking out of the Snake Pit and Remy watching over the bar.

Experience Points: 4
Bonus Experience Points: 2 Alex, 3 Oscar, 2 John, -5 Oscar, -3 John
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and John
Time Lapsed: 535 hours
Recall Countdown: 209 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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