Relay Stations

Session 9

The party transfers to an abandoned relay station that appears to be owned by Adventures Unlimited. They find native creatures on the world as well as Raithe‘s brother being held hostage by Lilian. Remmy activates what appears to be some sort of beacon for the native creatures. Raithe’s brother is rescued and the party uses the tactical extraction device. Lilian is left behind just as the unknown creatures are storming the building.

The session ends with the party back on earth for some much needed R&R plus some VR training to prepare for their next Overworld Adventure.

Experience Points: 5
Bonus Experience Points: 1 Oscar, 1 Alex, 1 Matt and -2 John
Players Present: Oscar, Alex, Matt and John
Time Lapsed: 2 hours
Recall Countdown: 0 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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