Power Struggle

Session 5

Party checks in at Last Light Inn after deciding they might put Jubb in danger by accidentally leading Festerman to Golden Gate. They then set up a meeting with Kierendal.

Kierendal sets up an arrangement to aid the party after they do one thing for her. They agree to rob Festerman late at night in exchange for her help. Throughout the day they are hunted by Festerman’s gang. They spend the night at Alien Games.

Jubb is captured, tortured, and used as a live feed by Festerman. All Actors are recalled early due to a massive buyout by Leisureman Vortison. Contracts renegotiated on earth, Saul becomes first non native to receive a thoughtmitter, and Festerman is re-contracted.

Recall Clock reset at the 39 hour mark. Recall in 2 weeks.

Session ended with party in an alley somewhere in South Bank with enough time to rob Festerman’s gun delivery.

Experience Points: 4
Bonus Experience Points: 2 Matt via Skype
Players Present: Oscar, Alex, and John
Time Lapsed: 39 hours
Recall Countdown: 336 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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