Paying the Toll

Session 15

The party discovers that the Warrens have broken out into a small war zone as rumors spread that Raithe is dead.

Trajanus’ condition only seems to worsen. When the owner for Carts, Barrels and Bows (Lance Mazzeo) came requesting payment and additional funds, Remy paid him with Trajanus’ money. He was instructed to start hiring, lease an office, and bring payments to Remmy until Trajanus was able to manage the business.

The party attempted to get news on the Warrens but were attacked by various gangs as well as an assassination attempt by Festerman. VettaVetta was utilized to try and track down Festerman since it’s now believed he was turned into something undead by Sada.

Session ended with the party at Vetta’s preparing to go back to the Snake pit with Tovon in tow as a zombie.

Experience Points: 3
Bonus Experience Points: 0
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and Jeff
Time Lapsed: 6 hours
Recall Countdown: 132 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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