On Death's Door

Session 14

The party wakes to find Raithe is running a fever and slightly sick from the contact with the pod on his tongue. Trajanus is bedridden and is running a dangerously high fever. The party pays for a physician to care for him and later has him transferred to the Monastery.

They take a small detour just outside town on the north side of the Industrial Park to see the new rail being laid out. The rail is said to run all the way to Purthin’s Ford.

The party discovers that Festerman has employed a necromancer to construct him an army of 500 zombies. He has them set out to attack key locations. The party tracks down the necromancer responsible and cuts a deal with her competition to have her eliminated. The return favor is to aid in tracking down Festerman. They destroy Sada‘s Soul Stone guardian but in the process Raithe’s leg is badly injured and his arm is mutilated in a plane shift mishap.

He begins to “regrow” a new leg but much thinner, heavily carapaced, and with four short-clawed toes.

The party ends the session at the Monastery, resting after the large explosion that destroyed the guardian. Reports across the city spread quickly of the guardian pieces attacking people and making their way to Vetta’s.

Experience Points: 4
Bonus Experience Points: 2 Oscar, 2 Jeff, 2 Alex
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and Jeff
Time Lapsed: 7 hours
Recall Countdown: 138 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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