Into the Kennel

Session 4

The party wakes in what they think is the Donjon secured to beds in the same room with Provis, Lilian, Festerman, Roske, the two thugs (Chris and Danny) and the Bar guy (Gregory).

They make their escape from the Auction & Bazaar basement after confrontation with guards as well as above NPCS. Party meets up with Jubb and gains news from home. Track down Danny (Provis’s brother in law), decapitate him, and send the head to Festerman after running through Industrial Town to escape back to Jubb’s place (Golden Gate).

Party ended in the evening back at the original inn from Return to Overworld (The Last Light Inn indicated on the map)

Experience Points: 4
Bonus Experience Points: 1 Matt
Players Present: Oscar, Alex, Matt and John
Time Lapsed: 14 hours
Recall Countdown: 86 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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