Session 7

The party goes quickly into River Rats and is rushed to the cellar where they are hidden in plain sight. Imperial Guards search the building and attempt to burn them out. The building is lost in the fire and the party escapes the remains after waiting for the fire to die down.

Trajanus’ enemies catch up to him and take what they feel is owed and Raithe is informed his brother is in trouble on earth. Raithe loses his temper and kills one of Jubb’s women after taking his right pinky finger.

After his encounter with his enemies, Trajanus risks his life by charging into Shecore’s warehouse and mediates the beginning of a new deal for Vortison Adventures and Shecore.
The party is transferred back to earth to find out that Adventures Unlimited has seized numerous business properties in an attempt to put financial pressure on Vortison. The hospice where Raithe’s brother is stays at is one of the properties and is currently being held as a “financial hostage”.

Vortison recalls all actors and secretly sets up the party to return to Overworld for a “Dead Feed” operation. The Vortison Studio, along with many other properties, are currently under lockdown as Adventures Unlimited attempts to take other properties in an attempt to “distribute financial loses due to breach of contract”.

Session ends with party is currently on earth preparing for their Dead Feed Ops.

Experience Points: 3
Bonus Experience Points: 2 John
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and John
Time Lapsed: 25 hours
Recall Countdown: 0 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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