Dead Feeds

Session 8

The party finishes their preparations for their dead feed mission and the studio is attacked by Adventures Unlimited and make a good impression on Amanda and Eugene Lucrechus and met Celios. Party is transferred to Overworld, manages to quickly kidnap Festerman and bring him back for interrogation. They learn that Festerman was planted in Adventures Unlimited by Caine as a way to strike back at the studio and that Festerman has actually kidnapped Raithe’s brother, not Adventures Unlimited.

The party finds the location Raithe’s brother is at and makes the relay jumps to the location and is preparing to take him back.

The session ended with the party on the Winston Transfer Platform at the relay station Festerman told them Raithe’s brother was at. They are equipped as Vortison Secmen.

Experience Points: 4
Bonus Experience Points: -1 Oscar, 1 Alex
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and John
Time Lapsed: 18 hours
Recall Countdown: 0 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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