Boat Run

Session 6

Party rendezvous with Mark to get them on the boat work crew. Party make it on board the boat with the 15 crates of riot guns, pay off the Imperial Inspector to pass through the chain gates, but are approached by two boats operated by Shecore’s people. They attempt to take the cargo, thinking that everyone will want to keep the Imperial Guards at bay by not attracting attention.

Large fight on the boats takes place that leaves two of the three boats in flames and only 3 guns and 5 boxes of ammunition saved from the fire and sinking boat. Party escapes burning boats and ends up running through South Bank with Imperial Guards on their trail.

Session ended with party temporarily escaping to a bar in South bank called River Rats with Imperial Guards searching block by block for them in South Bank.

Experience Points: 4
Bonus Experience Points: 2 Oscar, 2 Alex and 2 John
Players Present: Oscar, Alex and John
Time Lapsed: 2 hours
Recall Countdown: 334 hours


Alex_ Alex_

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